Saturday, April 25, 2009

White-faced Ibis at Lake Erie Metropark 4/25/09

Well, here it is!

First things first - a hat tip and a beer to Ed Smith for locating the bird!

But, upon closer inspection, Walt Pawloski and I believe this is a non-breeding White-faced Ibis, not a Glossy. I don't have all night here to lay out the details, but a few key things are noticeable in this cropped but unaltered photo:
- legs more or less uniform in color
- red facial skin
- pale white line around the face that goes behind the eye

If this was a Glossy Ibis, the legs would be contrastingly two-toned, the white line would not reach behind the eye, and the facial skin would not be red.

As noted in a earlier email, a White-faced Ibis and Glossy Ibis appeared together at Lake Erie Metropark on April 24th, 1996. Only one day difference...

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