Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

With all of us caught in the middle of the holiday madness, some of us enjoy the opportunity to sample seasonal beers.

So, have you even wondered what was really in those beers besides yeasts and other goodies? You can read it all here. As a guy with a chem minor, I was really digging this article. A hat-tip to Rosemary for passing it along.

In the meantime, make the best of your Holidays! Don't waste your time leaving Santa cookies and milk. At my house, he gets a nice, dark porter. I have a few hours to figure out which one he gets...


Stylurus said...

Paul, I brought one of my faves back from WI. I'm sure it's a new one for you.

Paul said...

Am I to interpret that statement to mean that you brought yourself back some beers and one bottle might be for me?