Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ladies, Reds, and Golds

I took the opportunity today to do some birding at Lake Erie Metropark today. It was only one thousand degrees today, but it was manageable.

The main purpose of my birding was to secure another bird for my park list. Sure, the Red Knot was #243. But, late yesterday afternoon, I got #244: American Golden Plover. The fields by the Wave Pool are totally burned out and brown. About a half dozen birds were mixed in with the billions of Killdeer. The photo, taken today, is poor simply as a result of distance lighting, and the clown behind the camera, but you get the point. By the way, Walt found these, too.

The main purpose of my birding today was to secure a Philadelphia Vireo. It would be both a county and park bird for me. It seems like there were multiple birds in the park yesterday, so I figured I would try my luck today. There were none to be had. I did have a reasonably cooperative Red-eyed Vireo. They were all over the place.

A few days back, I also managed a photo of a Painted Lady. Why can't birds be this easy to photograph?

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