Saturday, May 3, 2014

I'm Not Dead......

I made it.  

Semester one is done (that is the reason, by the way, for the decline in blog posts, as of late).  I don't have, at this time, my grades, but I believe I scored an A- in both classes.  We'll see what happens when things get posted.

So with all this spare time on my hands I thought I would treat myself to some birding this morning. Natalie is in Iceland for a class (seriously) so it was solo.

Well, here I am at home.  I've already been doing laundry, dishes and trying to tackle all the miscellaneous projects that haven't been getting done.

Does that describe my birding....? 


david boon said...

Im going to celebrate your good grades by drinking a Founders Centennial.Welcome back.Just in time for Migration.Natalie really in Iceland?

Paul said...

Indeed she is! She has a geology class there and will return in a few days. She described a ptarmigan encounter as "magic". Other goodies include Northern Fulmar colonies, Redshanks, and Grey Herons. It sounds like she is having a great time. Enjoying Icelandic beer in a geothermal spa sounds like just the ticket after viewing lava tunnels, glaciers, and geysers. I so wish I was with her!

david boon said...

Any Bjork encounters? I wanted a layover in Rekyavick(sic)when me and the family go to Blighty in August,but we just didn't have the time.Very Jealous!