Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 16: June 29 - Home By Dark...

A quick trip through the campground after sunrise brought us home in sense.  The Ovenbird and Acadian Flycatcher were still there.  Add Carolina Chickadee and Eastern Wood Pewee and we knew we were not far from Detroit.

Lunch was in Indianapolis.  Thr3E Wiseman Brewing Company is a must.  Golden Zoe IPA, Snow Bunny Blonde, and the Two Lucy’s Blackberry Wheat (#1,284 – 1,286) were just a few of the many on tap.  Damn good.  The Blackberry Wheat especially. The only thing missing was the cheese sampler to go with it.  Fancy pizza-snob pizzas with fancy beers.  Pretty cool . 

Aside from the horrors that I would call “drivers in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio”, we made it home.  It took us a few extras HOURS as a result of dumb drivers (MERGE!  DAMMIT, MERGE!), but we made it. 

The facts go something like this:
Bird Species Recorded: 146 species (at least…)
Life Birds for Paul: 5
Life List for Paul: 662
Total North American Ticks for Paul (sum of all checklists): 5,589
Life Birds for Natalie: at least 85 (seriously)
Life List for Natalie: unknown at this time
Total North American Ticks For Natalie (sum of all checklists); unknown at this time

Arizona Birds List: 172 (from 153)
New Mexico Bird List: 47 (from 42)
Oklahoma Bird List: 28 (from 17)
Texas Bird List: 273 (no change)

Life Beers: 28
Total Lifetime Beers: 1,286
Breweries Sampled: 9
Breweries Visited: 6

New National Parks Sites Visited: 6

Gallons Of Gas: 135
Miles Driven: 5,272.9 (excludes episodes when  Joe or Marge were driving)
Miles Per Gallon: 39.1 (not a typo!)
Average Vehicle Speed: 51.9 mph

Illegal Aliens Crossing Border in Arizona: 2
Actual Aliens in Roswell: 0

Natalie and I would like to especially thank Joe, Corrine, Marge, Diana, and Laurens for a great trip!


Dave Boon said...

Nice set of blogs!Really enjoyed reading them. Glad you and Natalie had such a great trip.Almost the same trip as Amy and I except we split it up and took 2 years to do it!and we never got the 5 striped sparrow.

Paul Cypher said...

Yikes. You read all this already? You must have a lot of time on your hands!!!

As for the route, yeah, not much originality. Any birder heading there will do a similar thing!


Dave said...

no need for originality,thats where the birds are! We actually stayed at the Kubo,and we loved every minute,and when the missus is looking after our 3 yr old niece upstairs I do have a lot of time in the room with the P.C in it!

Mark Wloch said...

Great write-up, like a book that I couldn't put down. Nice shot of the Elegant Trogon. I only heard them at Madera. The 'lost pugilist' was kind of menacing. All the Saguaros Hannah and I saw seem to be waving hello.