Friday, July 22, 2011

They Already Know

So, what has happened this week. 

Surely, there is something out there more fascinating than all that, right?

I found it!

Assuming you don't live in a hole, you know that December 7th, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy.  Japan attacked American naval forces at Pearl Harbor. (Please tell me you know this. Please.)

The Japanese forces really handed it to us. They did.  It was a Sunday morning, for Pete's sake. Rest. Relaxation. That was the norm.  Few sailors, if any at all, had any idea that by dinner time that Sunday, they would be fighting fires, stanching the flow of blood, and burying the dead.

One of the things that is sometimes forgotten is this - Japanese lives were lost, too.  

A stark reminder of that fact came across the wires yesterday. Apparently, a skull was dredged up off the bottom of Pearl Harbor.  

Details are still a bit sketchy, but it appears that it might belong to one of 65 Japanese lives lost that day. Okay, it would belong to the one of 56 lives, as we know that 9 men were lost during what might be one of the stupidest operations of the entire war.   (For now, we will look past the part that it might have worked. Overall, it was dumb.)  Recognizing that it was found in the middle of the harbor, a pilot's skull makes the most sense. 

So, where are we now?  Forensic specialists will have to dig a bit deeper (sorry, I could not resist that one) and find out what we know.  

Here is my prediction.

The anthropologists are being conservative, but they don't have to be. I can all but promise you the first doc who looked at it knew what it was.  Skull features vary by race, like it not.  Nasal holes, eye orbits, degree of chin protrusion and the presence/absence of a nasal sill are all huge clues.  Caucasian vs. Asian vs. African?  That is like asking a chef about differences in knives. Sure, they are all knives, but a paring knife, butcher knife and butter knife all have unique characteristics.  The same could be said about beer.  Lots of variety.  Similar, but different at the same time.

They already know it is Japanese. Trust me. 

Sadly, I have the feeling we will not see the conclusion to this story.  Like so many other intriguing tidbits that pop-up in the news, a follow-up is hard to come by. 

Nevertheless, I will try and find out the final conclusion after it becomes available. 

Oh wait. I already know....

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