Friday, June 10, 2011


During the last Fourth Of July, I grabbed my camera rig and took my first real set of fireworks photos.

A few nights back, Grosse Ile was having their "Island Fest" (or whatever they call it!).  You know how these go -carnies, ferris wheels, teenagers trying to be cool, bands with bad singers, 65 year olds wishing they were still teenagers, and the like.

This particular event had fireworks. So, I thought I would give the old "Oooh and Ahhhh!" show a go...again.

It was quite different.

While these fireworks were not going off in my hand or lap, they might as well have been. We were pretty close.  So close, in fact, I could not just set up the camera and worry about the exposure. I was constantly moving the camera in an attempt to compose the images the way I wanted them. Back and forth all night as the shells arced left and then right.  That got a bit old.

Plus, there was not a chance to work in a steady background. No city lights. No reflections in the water.  Just black sky and fireworks.

Not that just black sky and fireworks is a bad  thing.....

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