Monday, August 30, 2010

What Did He Say?

I took a few minutes this morning and doodled around at Lake Erie Metropark.  After walking around the trails for a mile or so and finding next to nothing, I wandered over to one of the marsh overlooks. 

As I approached the overlook, just below, with its attention everywhere but on me, stood a Great Blue Heron.   Absolutely certain it had seen me and would move out, I just kept walkin'.  

It kept huntin'. 

Literally feet from it, I was able to put the sun over my left shoulder and take shot after shot after it stood there with its face looking into the water.  Fish?  Frogs?  Who knows, but something had its attention.  It certainly wasn't worried about me! I suspect it has to do with the fact that this is a young bird.  That peculiar scaling on the neck a the give-away. 

After maybe 30 seconds, it decided to press on the "greener pastures", so to speak, but not before it opened its mouth.  I don't speak "heron" but I have to think that there were a few unpleasant words in the mix.....

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