Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Magicians

Last night was a chance to sample the magic of two magicians. One continues to dazzle while the other, though experienced, botched the trick.

Jamie Oliver continues to amaze me. His simple kitchen tricks are a welcome addition to my spell book. That iPhone app is awesome. If you cook and own an iPhone, get it. You'll thank yourself later.

Farfalle Genovese could be made by anybody. Boil pasta. Add green beans and potatoes. Drain and add pesto with Parmesan cheese. It was actually more challenging for me to write this paragraph than it was for me to cook the meal. I could have added some drama by making my own pesto but I kept it simple and used pre-made stuff. Easy and awesome. Plus, you can make a ton of it and make it disappear over the next few days.

Unfortunately, the beer of the night did not match the magic of the meal. The Magician (#746) from the Short's Brewing Company reminded me of one of those magic tricks that looks like it will amaze you when it starts but then they botch the trick and you feel let down. I was left rather disappointed. Visually? This beer was a total treat. Deep red with a silky tan head, I wanted to just jump in it. The rich tones of malt and caramel were easily picked up on the nose and were very inviting. After that, this prognosticator flubbed his act. Somewhere in the malts and caramel tones a fruity tartness was hiding. It was actually pushing the limits of vinegar. Before long, it was no longer hiding; it was center stage. Based on the reviews elsewhere, others were getting it, too. I can't give this thing a high score - two out of five. If this Magician can really make things disappear, he needs to address that tartness.......

There you have it. Two magicians. One with pesto. One without presto!

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