Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Overactive Imagination Part 2

Be-"fore" you know it. As in "forehead"! Ugh! A greasy forehead print!

But you can see it can't you! The skull?! I outlined it for you! What are the chances!? A skull! In a greasy print on a window.........during a Halloween walk!

It must mean something, right?! It just has to! The Skulls are looking out for me? Or maybe its the opposite. I'm cursed! Yeah, that's it!

I'm cursed!
Ohhhhh, what to do........


Holly said...

I saw the skull too! Next you'll be able to buy 'greasy forehead' spray in a can for decoration, just like faux snow at christmas time.

Paul said...

Hmmmmmm, greasy forehead spray. I'll get right on it! I knew my chem minor had to come in handy for something someday!!!