Thursday, September 24, 2009

Give Me Liberty!!!

Give me Liberty! 

Tucked away in the Olde Village section of Plymouth, the Liberty Street Brewing Company is well worth a visit.   Housed in a 100+ year old building, the brewing operation  itself is less than a year old. The inside looks brand-spankin' new, but, at the same time, has that "old pub" a modern way.  Confused?  Get there and you will see what I mean!  The combination of tile work on the tables, woodworking and recessed lighting at the bar, high ceiling, and color scheme makes for an awesome atmosphere.  Instant comfort. I still have no understanding of the ceramic squirrel on display in a brick recess in the men's room.  (I suspect there is a nut joke here somewhere, but I am going to stay away from it....)

Interestingly enough, while they do serve food, the most involved item on the menu is an 8" personal pizza.  They apparently can't manage big meals from their small kitchen. The solution?  They have an agreement with at least 10 different restaurants in Plymouth that will deliver!   Pizzas.  Subs.  Pastas from the local fancy-scmanzy place.  You can get it all. How cool is that?

Then, of course, there is the beer.  That's why they call it a brewery, right?  Even though they have only been open since late 2008, they already have a Gold Medal from the 2009 World Beer Expo Liberty House Pilsner (641), Blonde Ale (642), Red Glare Amber Ale (643), House Mild Brown (644), Clementine Lemon Thyme (645), Foreign Extra Stout (646), and Helles Yes (647) where all on tap.  Hands down, the best beers were the Stout, Pilsner, and Amber Ale.   (If you are a regular reader here, you know I love it when breweries have fun with names that reflect local themes.  The "Red Glare Amber Ale" is perfect given theme of liberty and independence.  They are on the right track but have some work to do here!)

For an after dinner warm-up, you can also get Green Mountain coffee, brewed one cup a time.  If you are not familiar with them, they are making steps to promote better coffee sustainability. Almost half of their coffee Fair Trade. While that alone is not up to snuff from a bird standpoint, it certainly beats a cup of slop from Folger's or Maxwell House!

Consider the Liberty Street Brewing Company for Life, Liberty and pursuit of Good Beer!


g said...


Ironic that you and I chose to write on the same small brewery on the same day. An excellent small brewer.

Paul said...

A small world, indeed. I think the combination of our reports should send a message to the locals - head to Plymouth!