Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"What kind of man...."

"Luke, you really gotta stop trying to be my friend, or I'm going to have to kill you..."

So spoke Sylar last night on Heroes. He carves open the skullcaps of his victims and inspects their brains so he can can steal their super powers.

Luke, a troubled teen who can make things melt or boil with a wave of the hand, has become the travel partner of Sylar who is on a quest to find his real father. Luke knows who daddy is and where he can be found. He is taking Sylar there to see him.

The conversation continued:
"You like birds?", asked Luke.
"Well, I'm just wondering if its genetic 'cause your dad is way into birding. I'd going birding with him sometimes. He'd come get me about 4am. We'd be out walking the trail by dawn. We'd see goldfinch, cormorants, woodcocks. "
The conversation continued with emphasis on a red wagon. Sylar remembered the red wagon when Luke brought him back to reality:
"He sold you for money, you know. He told me once he had a little boy a long time ago but needed the cash. So he sold him."

Sylar, stunned, responds "What kind of man sells his own son?"

Birders. You just can't trust 'em....

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