Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where's The Water?

Again, up with sun. My GPS (referred to from now on as TC (Targeting Computer)) cleverly took me around Dallas/Fort Worth and through Emory (where I snagged another water tower photo). I was on my way to the Texas Hill Country, specifically Pedernales Fall State Park north of San Antonio. This is said to be a great place for Golden-cheeked Warbler, another Federally Endangered bird (found breeding only in Texas). Unfortunately, my mid-day arrival was hardly peak bird time. I spend the better part the afternoon trying to locate one, but I couldn’t do it. The Painted Bunting, however, knocked my socks off. It was only the second one I had ever seen (and that first one was a female bird). What a stunning bird. The Falls themselves are very cool, but I was there during a slow time. Apparently, during rain storms, the river swells so quickly, people can get swept away. After walking around on the open rocks, I could easily see how. What a neat place.

While looking for lodging, I bumbled into an antique store. The first thing I see? A coffee mill from the Enterprise Manufacturing Company. I, unfortunately, did not have the $1800 he was asking for. Plus, I was limited on space in my truck. I would have to buckle the monster into my front seat. I would have loved to add that one to my collection. I bet I could have argued it was a passenger if I were to try and use the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes….

The night was spent at the Kerrville-Shreiner City Park. It was state owned, but they sold it to Kerrville. Camping along the Guadalupe River was very nice. Plus, few people where in the park, so I felt like I had most of it to myself.

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